Chirurgia Toracica

Robotic thymectomy for thymoma (robot daVinci Xi)
Uniportal VATS right lower lobectomy and bronchogenic cyst/lobectomia polmonare mininvasiva
Hybrid Approach to Apical Non Small Cell Lung Cancer
Uniportal VATS Right Lower Lobectomy
Uniportal VATS right upper lobectomy for lung cancer/Lobectomia uniportale per neoplasia
Biportal VATS bullectomy for recurrent pneumothorax
Robotic Xi right upper lobectomy for lung cancer/Lobectomia superiore destra robotica
Biportal VATS left lower lobectomy for pulmonary intralobar sequestration
Bi-portal right upper lobectomy (lung cancer)
Lesione vascolare ramo arteria polmonare- vascular injury of pulmonary artery
Robotic right upper lobectomy-Lobectomia polmonare superiore destra robotica
Leiomioma Esofageo-Esophageal Leiomyoma